Sunday, May 5

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Tuesday, March 26

Tuesday Secrets

Secret with below image: I'm afraid I'll never find love because I love him so much and he'll never love me back. It's the loneliest thought of my existence.

Secret: I'm depressed every night, and sometimes in school. I have lots of friends but I'm feeling bad of just thinking about telling them, I don't want to seem like I expect them to care, even though I know they would.

Secret: even if i have alot of friends im lonely... im still fighting with my ex bff, were not talking about week now. sometimes i think maybe i should forgive her, like.. everything is okay i dont care, but then i remember all the bad things. she was my only true friend. and im not gonna be the first who starts talking.. or shoud i ?

To the Bob Ross Secret via Postsecret:

You are not alone. Google the term ASMR, and you will find thousands of people that possibly share a condition with you. You will find hundreds of videos on youtube that will help you relax. I hope this message reaches you because you will find an online community that's going to help you with anxiety. It helped me.

Sunday, February 3

Sunday Secrets

Secret: I made a splash now I'm waiting to be noticed :D

Secret: I just spent Christmas Day all alone...Actually thought about killing myself...I don't ever want to spend Christmas alone again.

Secret: I miss my little sister so much. The sad thing is I don't think the feeling is mutual. Nonetheless, I will always love her and think of her everyday including all the good times we used to have.

Monday, December 24

Monday Secrets

Secret: I read the Blue Moon secret last week and recognized the handwriting so here is my response:

I know I was wrong, and I accept it.   I've just been afraid to talk to you because I thought it was too late to repair the damage that has been done.

Secret: You said I was all talk.. Well I just made my first million ;)

Secret with below image: I wish I was bereft of love.

Secret: Reply to the first of this week's secrets:
I did the same thing to see if I could make it to 2012. I'm still waiting for something to make me happier. Every day you'll be in my thoughts and I'm frightened at the thought of losing you.

Secret with below image: My boss makes me wear my posing suit out in public. I tell people I don't like it. Secretly, I do. I strive to get bigger.

Secret: I wish I could hug every gay person in Kuwait and tell them, should they feel so, that they shouldn't be ashamed.

Sunday, November 18

Sunday Secrets are back!

Secret: While we were together i cheated on u so many times. Then i found out u cheated on me and made it seem unbearable but it was all a lie. I don't know why i acted it out as if you killed me when really i was never in love with you. Just the idea of you.

Secret: I hate myself for eating, I wish I could fade away. Everybody leaves me. I'm all alone and i wanna stop breathing.

Secret: Although I appear to be your everyday Kuwaiti mid twenties guy, I am however gay, live two lives and am seriously tired of being lonely. Unfortunately, most and not all of the community is bitchy and has little or no values. :(

Secret: I'm currently living in America and I pretend I completely don't understand Arabic because I am half American. That way when I study at Starbucks I can hear what all the Arabs are saying about me xD

Secret: I wish I was gay so I could use that as an excuse for not getting married but my reason is much darker.

Secret: I make everyone believe that I'm happy but I am sad.

Secret: I want to meet Shitsawii :p

Secret: I write on money hoping it will inspire someone.

Secret: To the person who escapes in alcohol:

I am only 19, and I think I have a serious drinking problem.  Not, I'm-in-college-so-let's-drink-with-friends, serious.  But, I-look-forward-to-the-end-of-class-so-I-can-go-home-and-drink-myself-to-sleep-until-the-next-day, serious.

Secret: To the, "your only as sick as your secrets":


Secret: To the "I know I am a rapist":

I had sex with the boy of my dreams last weekend.  He knew how much I love him.  He does not feel the same way, and he knew that going in to last weekend.  Does that make him a rapist too?

Secret: To the "jealous of teen mom" -secret:

I am turning 20 in four months, and the saddest part of it all for me is that I have missed my opportunity to be a teen mom.

Secret with below image: You were my best friend. We almost had the greatest love imaginable.
I'm sorry. I don't care anymore though. I can forget about all those things. Forgive me for not being able to handle it. Please. I love you.


Secret with below image: I'm stalking my little sister's Facebook pictures because I think she's prettier than me..everybody else thinks so too

Secret: Im letting myself get cheated on and I cant leave the guy because Im afraid of what Ill do to myself if Im alone